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[Amministratore]: Maluna

By Bambam (May 22nd 2018, 11:52pm)

0 25

No reply

[Operatore di Gioco]: Atheryus - Away

By Atheryus (Dec 23rd 2015, 8:28pm)

10 842

By Atheryus

(May 14th 2018, 2:45pm)

[Operatore di Gioco]: LadyBlue - Attiva

By LadyBlue (Jun 27th 2012, 7:35am)

15 4,053

By LadyBlue

(May 3rd 2018, 8:47pm)

[Operatore di Gioco]: Crystalmoon - attiva

By Crystalmoon (Jul 31st 2014, 12:37am)

16 632

By Crystalmoon

(May 2nd 2018, 12:57am)

[Operatore di Gioco]: La Monella - away

By La Monella (Sep 14th 2014, 9:26pm)

23 959

By La Monella

(Apr 19th 2018, 9:21pm)

[Super Operatore di Gioco]: adominik [attivo]

By Adominik (Oct 19th 2012, 11:28am)

13 2,107

By Adominik

(Apr 16th 2018, 4:30pm)

[Super Moderatore]: Carmillana

By Carmillana (Aug 8th 2009, 12:30am)

82 13,329

By Carmillana

(Mar 21st 2018, 11:02pm)

[Operatore di Gioco]: kingS - AWAY dall 8/12 a Gennaio

By kingS (Dec 17th 2015, 9:50pm)

2 238

By kingS

(Dec 4th 2017, 10:56am)

[Operatore di Gioco]: LadyDahut

By LadyDahut (Dec 5th 2016, 1:04pm)

18 898

By LadyDahut

(Oct 16th 2017, 12:02pm)

[Operatore di Gioco]: LaSte

By LaSte (Dec 23rd 2014, 11:40am)

20 959

By LaSte

(Sep 14th 2017, 8:17am)

[Operatore di Gioco]: Tid89 [Attivo]

By Tid89 (Apr 1st 2017, 10:16am)

5 354

By Tid89

(Aug 13th 2017, 2:05pm)

[Operatore di Gioco]: Rekam

By Rekam (Nov 4th 2015, 12:35pm)

12 601

By Rekam

(Jul 27th 2017, 6:43pm)

[Super Operatore di Gioco]: bambam - Attivo

By Bambam (Aug 1st 2011, 8:26pm)

17 2,734

By Bambam

(Aug 30th 2016, 10:58pm)

[Moderatore]: DarkPhoenix

By DarkPhoenix (Nov 28th 2015, 6:56pm)

0 105

No reply

[Moderatore]: Colonel

By Colonel (Jul 11th 2010, 11:15am)

64 15,794

By Colonel

(Nov 23rd 2015, 9:05pm)

[Super Operatore di Gioco]: Hecket

By HECKET (Oct 30th 2010, 1:57pm)

48 7,416

By Hecket

(Oct 5th 2015, 11:10pm)

[Moderatore]: Rekam

By Rin-k3 (Jan 14th 2013, 9:12pm)

24 6,042

By Adominik

(Oct 7th 2014, 12:00am)

[Moderatore]: Dade29

By Dade29 (Apr 2nd 2012, 11:23pm)

26 5,978

By Dade29

(Aug 17th 2014, 7:11pm)

[Irc & Tool]: Ryoko

By Rin-k3 (Jul 21st 2014, 12:32pm)

1 196

By Ryoko

(Aug 6th 2014, 8:59am)

[Team Leader]: Rex Infernus

By Rex Infernus (Jun 25th 2007, 1:46am)

12 3,326

By Rex Infernus

(Aug 15th 2013, 5:29pm)

[Amministratore]: Kyashan

By Kyashan (Aug 1st 2010, 8:12pm)

10 3,571

By Kyashan

(Aug 9th 2013, 7:56pm)

[Moderatore]: Decalagon

By Decalagon (Jun 12th 2008, 12:28am)

7 3,286

By Decalagon

(Jun 29th 2013, 6:28pm)

[Moderatore]: Rin-k3

By Rin-k3 (May 20th 2013, 9:49pm)

1 1,004

By Rin-k3

(May 29th 2013, 7:18pm)

[CoMa]: Lord syrio

By Rex Infernus (Jun 21st 2007, 12:11am)

19 4,339

By Lord Syrio

(Nov 18th 2012, 2:38pm)



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